Recent UFC Signee Benjamin Brinsa Denies Neo-Nazi Allegations

By bjpenndotcom - August 1, 2013

The Ultimate Fighting Championship signed Benjamin Brinsa, an undefeated (13-0) welterweight from Leipzig, Germany, early in July. Brinsa has an impressive track-record with four knockouts and seven submissions but he’s making headlines in Germany for all the wrong reasons.

Cage Potato released an article accusing Brinsa, “The Hooligan”, of having ties with Neo-Nazi groups. In the article, it is stated that Brinsa’s MMA team allegedly had ties with various Neo-Nazi groups and Brensa himself used to help run a mail-order service for Neo-Nazi music.

Benjamin Brinsa’s publicist released a statement on the matter, flat-out denying the rumors.

It is with great regret that we had to take notice of allegations made against our fighter Benjamin Brinsa by website, accusing him of neo-Nazi views and convictions. Benjamin would like to issue a personal statement regarding the matter:

“I am not a neo-Nazi, never have been, never will be. At no time in my life have I ever made any xenophobic, anti-Semitic or racist statements, either in public or in private. Yes, I do have a past as a football hooligan in my youth, but that is a thing of the past as I have been solely focusing on my professional career for the past couple of years.

“My grappling coach and good friend Marcin Bandel hails from Poland and I have friends from all over the world. Next week, I will join a training camp with fighters from Bosnia, Brazil, Greece, Iraq, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Russia and Tunesia – do you think I had any interest in training with all these non- German athletes if I was a neo-Nazi?

“There is just no place for racism and xenophobia in an international, global sport like MMA.”

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