Rashad Evans Offers Intimate Look at His Pivotal Fights on UFC TONIGHT: SPECIAL EDITION

On this week’s UFC TONIGHT SPECIAL EDITION: RASHAD EVANS FIGHTER’S CUT, FUEL TV gets intimate with former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans as he watches two of his most memorable fights and explains his actions and thoughts during the bouts.

Starting with his UFC 88 upset against Chuck Liddell and then going into his UFC 92 title fight victory over Forrest Griffin, Evans discusses his feelings going into the Octagon, and then breaks down his approach and reactions to each battle he faced. Along the way, his explanations go from serious to humorous to awe struck as he overcomes the odds in one fight and fulfills his promise in the other.

In his UFC 88 bout, he reveals that he forgot vital equipment before the fight: “I couldn’t wait to get in the cage. I was so excited about the fight, I even forgot my cup. I had to use Nate Marquardt’s dirty cup. He had just fought the fight before mine. It was all wet and stinky, but I had to wear it. I had no choice.”

From there, Rashad explains his nipple tweak, breaks down the fight, his changing strategy, and his reaction to knocking out Liddell. “I had no idea how big it was at the time. It took me to get to the locker room to go, ‘Wow, did that just really happen? I just knocked out Chuck Liddell and I knocked him out bad.’ It’s a moment that when I get in a bad situation, I look back at it because that signifies me overcoming big, tremendous odds and I did it and I knew I could do it again.”

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Evans wraps with what winning the championship belt felt like at UFC 92: “It did not sink in that I won the belt. It just felt like I won another fight, and it felt good. But when Dana put that strap on me, I looked at myself on the screen and I said to myself, ‘Wow, I’m the champion. I’m the best in the world.’ When I’m done with my career, this is the victory I’m going to remember. This was a really great moment.”

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