Pettis Not Happy With Melendez Title Shot: Vows To Take What Is Rightfully His | UFC NEWS

“If you look at all the guys you mentioned and the competition they’re fighting, me and Cowboy are the guys that have been fighting the hardest competition. I mean, we’re in the UFC with the best of the best; we’re in the trenches. You’ve got the two best guys in the UFC. I feel like me and Cowboy are right at the top, and the winner of this fight should be next in line for a title shot. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I sat there and tried to play that role, ‘Oh the title shot’s going to come I’m going to sit and wait for it.” I’m taking it this time. I’m going for it. I’m going to take this title shot. I’m going to get my title shot; I’m going to get the respect I deserve.”

In a recent interview with, Anthony Pettis, vented his frustration with being passed up for a title shot in favor of Strikeforce import, Gilbert Melendez.

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