Pettis Laughing At Aldo’s Claims Of Fear, Champ Not Scared To Face Brazilian

Recently, Jose Aldo, the UFC’s featherweight champion, told the Brazilian media that he believes Anthony Pettis is scared and avoiding a champ vs. champ bout.

To that, Anthony Pettis, told the following:

I laughed of what he said because it’s me who is challenging Aldo since the beginning. I would drop of my division to fight him. I’m definitely not afraid to face him. This fight is going to happen, it’s a matter of time. He has an opponent to come and I have a lot of time before my next fight, so there is no reason to give atention to him right now. We have more or less a year until this fight can happen.

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This fight will happen at the lightweight division. To him there is no reason to stay at featherweight, where lacks competition to him. I’m already big to lightweight. I don’t need to suffer with the weight cut because I’m the champion. It makes sense for us fight at my division or we can fight in a 160 pounds catchweight.


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