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Pat Miletich Reflects on His Career and Training With His Team: “It was just one big, angry family.”


In case you missed it, Pat Miletich was the latest fighter to be inducted into the UFC’s Hall of Fame. The event took place during UFC’s Fight Week in Las Vegas. He is now the twelfth member of the promotions Hall of Fame and one that not a lot of people thought would ever make it in due to his rocky relationship with UFC president Dana White.

On Tuesday, Miletich stopped by The MMA Hour and spent some time reflecting on his career and what it was like training so many champions. Miletich trained the likes of Matt Hughes, Jens Pulver, and Tim Sylvia, who all were at one time UFC champions. They all came out of Miletich’s small gym, Miletich Fighting System (MFS), in Bettendorf, Iowa.

“I remember winning the UFC tournament,” the Hall of Famer said. “And that was obviously the goal, was to get into the UFC when I first started fighting, winning the tournament, coming out and having people ask me to sign autographs for them. I remember signing my first autograph after I won the tournament while walking back to the locker room, and actually a teardrop fell on the paper. That’s the one thing I remember. A teardrop fell on my signature while I was writing it, and I was like… wow.

“It was a nice dream realized,” Miletich continued. “But I’ll tell you what, you talk about tears coming to your eyes? Jens Pulver, Matt Hughes, Tim Sylvia, Dave Menne, those guys winning and stuff like that, so many other guys winning big fights, it’s kind of hard to explain the joy that you get out of coaching a guy to a world title and seeing them change their lives.

“When that whole group was assembled and fighting in the same room, training together, it was just one big, angry family.”

By Ryan Miller | Twitter

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