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Pat Barry’s Manager Says Fight Ending Blow At UFC 161 Was An Eye Gouge

In the opening bout of the UFC 161 main card, heavyweight Shawn Jordan took out veteran Pat Barry in less than one minute. After connecting with a perfectly placed uppercut, Jordan proceeded to land a flurry of punches that ended the fight. However, Barry’s manager, Brian Butler, has said that it was an eye gouge that hurt Barry. One that the referee failed to notice.

Butler told Bleacher Report on Monday that he was coming forward with the complaint on his own, without the direction of Barry.

“The eye poke is what stopped Pat.  He was not dazed or even close to being unconscious. Watch the way he just turtles up to cover his eye.  If it was more blatant, the ref would have given Pat time to recover, but it was hard to see.”

“You can see Pat actually almost tap to motion the ref it was his eye, but Shawn was hitting so fast he couldn’t remove his glove from his eye.”

On Sunday Barry posted a video to YouTube showing the extent of the injury to his fans. He made no mention of an unfair eye poke.

Butler has not stated whether or not he will file a complaint with the Athletic Commission in Winnipeg. With a very lengthy and very thorough appeals process it is not likely the complaint will hold much weight at this time. For the time being, Barry will move to 2-2 in his last four fights.

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