Nate Diaz has a message for you: Don’t worry about looking for Diaz, he’s coming for you

By bjpenndotcom - December 29, 2015


Flipping the bird


Nate Diaz ended his fight year off with a bang, but more like a {one-two} being that Michael Johnson ate more of that combination during their contest. The accuracy and strike count proved to be too much for “The Menace” as the combinations took it’s toll as Johnson faded in the third.

With all the talk of resurgences lately, one of the bigger stories to close out 2015 is Diaz doing what Diaz does and that’s talk smack and give that {one-two} crack. With the win, Diaz moves into the top at the 8th spot while Johnson remains above Diaz at #6.

Diaz could be two fights away from a title shot if the moon and stars align right, but in the ever changing world of UFC anything can happen.

Who should Diaz fight next to get closer to the belt.

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