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Nate Diaz Defends Throwing In Towel: ‘They Don’t Pay Us Enough To Take A$$ Whoopings like This’

It wasn’t that long ago Nate Diaz was stopped with strikes for the first time in his professional career.

Josh Thomson landed a perfectly timed headkick and the Diaz corner threw in the towel in the midst of Nate’s recovery.

During this week’s media events the younger Diaz discussed his recent loss, throwing in the towel and what a beating is worth, financially to a fighter.

Check it:

“I ain’t mad at [Nick]. He was doing what he thought was right. He was like ‘I don’t want to see my brother take no shots. I don’t think they pay us well enough to be taking f***ing ass whoopings like this.’ I didn’t feel like the fight should be ended, but that’s just my opinion. And if I was watching from the outside I probably would have thought, too ‘oh yea, that didn’t really look good.’ But the only people who know are people in that fight. I felt I was defending myself a little bit but I watched it, too. It didn’t look good. It looked like it was time to throw in the towel so I agree with it.”

“I’m sure Junior dos Santos’ coaches were probably thinking ‘we should throw the towel in’ but didn’t. Later that night they probably thought ‘f**k man, I feel really bad. We just let our friend get his ass whooped.’ He’s a soldier, he wasn’t going to quit. A fighter ain’t gonna quit. That’s when it’s up to your friends and your brothers to not let you die.”

Nate Diaz fights in this weekend’s TUF 18 finale main event against Gray Maynard for the third time in his career. Having gone 1-1 against Maynard, Saturday’s main event will serve as a rubber match for the two former UFC title challengers.

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