Miletich Believes Anderson Silva, Not Hendricks May be The Best Road For GSP| UFC NEWS

“If I’m Georges St. Pierre, to be honest with you, I’m probably going to lean towards fighting Anderson Silva… There’s a hell of a lot more to gain obviously with [fighting Silva], but that might even, to be honest with you, be a safer fight for him… I think Johny Hendricks might have a unique game that may go as a serious risk for GSP.

[St. Pierre] may get a takedown, but he’s not holding Hendricks down. I think Hendricks is obviously a good enough wrestler, a strong enough guy when he’s coming back up. And Hendricks has some serious one-punch knockout power. When he hits people, he’s sliding them across the ice.”

“When I first started fighting, I was a reckless psychopath.I really didn’t care what the other guy was doing. I was going to kill him either way. But as I got a lot more experience and got a lot more educated about the finesse game of striking, of grapping and everything else, it quickly dawned on me how many ways there were for me to lose. So I became a lot more cautious over time. Hendricks is kind of at that point where he knows just enough to kill people and doesn’t care about what you’re doing. That makes a guy pretty freakin’ dangerous.”

– MMA Legend, Analyst and Commentator, Pat Miletich via

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