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Michael Bisping: ‘Le Using The UFC Following Channing Tatum Snub’

In this weekend’s first UFC main event, Michael “The Count” Bisping faces action film star and former Strikeforce champion, Cung Le.

Bisping, for the most part, has managed to keep things civil between he and his opponent, but after hitting the Chinese streets, things are starting to get personal.

In a recent interview with Sherdog, Bisping explained:

“Listen, Cung Le is basically back in the UFC to boost his brand and remind everybody of his existence. He hasn’t fought in a couple of years, so I’m guessing his profile has dipped. He’s probably not getting too many embarrassing kung-fu movie offers right now — and probably worst of all for him — Channing Tatum has stopped re-tweeting him.”

“I exchanged all the pleasantries, gave him all the small talk as you are supposed to in these situations, and I even went as far as pretending to be absolutely blown away that he’s apparently friends with Channing Tatum. Basically, I went out of my way to be nice to him, and everything was very civil. We promoted the fight, shook hands and went back home to train for the fight. Then I see him on UFC.com doing a Fight Club Q&A, and he’s talking a load of bollocks about me. Basically, he’s jumped on the same old, boring bandwagon everyone else who fights me does — which is to say what a smack talker I am while, as always, they are the ones who talk crap first. What a phony. If he had a problem with me then he could have spared me all the boring anecdotes about Channing Tatum.”

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