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‘Mean Girl’ Ronda Rousey Lands Article In New Yorker Magazine

UFC women’s bantamweight champion found herself in The New Yorker with a lengthy in depth article on Rousey’s life and career that showcases Rousey’s personality behind the scenes and why she is the way she is. Below are several excerpts from the article, titled “Mean Girl” which can be read here.

I never wanted to do judo as a career,” De Mars says. “I figured there’s a lot of things in life, and I had done that part of it.”

Rousey says her job is to figure out how to respond to her opponent’s attacks and lapses, and then train until those responses become reflexes. But she also knows that M.M.A. wouldn’t be so popular if its matches didn’t provide a rough facsimile of street-corner fistfights, and if even the most erudite fans didn’t find themselves, at least once or twice a night, howling for violence. Rousey herself isn’t immune to this temptation to confuse a fight with a fight, and she says that, inevitably, there comes a time in training camp where mere technical superiority doesn’t seem like enough. She says, “I always think to myself, If I ran into them in a parking lot and they slapped my little sister, would I be able to beat the hell out of them? And the answer is always Yes, I would.”

“Whenever people talk about how cocky and arrogant I am, it blows me away, because I worked so hard to develop self-confidence,”

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