McGregor taunts Aldo: ‘I have spies in your camp’

By bjpenndotcom - December 9, 2015

Ahead of their UFC 194 scrap on Saturday night, Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor have continued to lob insults and accusations at one another.

This one however, may be the icing on the cake because of what it means if it’s actually true.

Conor McGregor spoke during the latest episode of UFC 194 Embedded, to talk some smack about Jose Aldo’s rib injury prior to UFC 189, and reveal an interesting bit of information.

He brought in a guy to mimic me and the guy that mimicked me put him out of the fight with a spin kick that went wide. I saw it. It was a sloppy kick. It was embarrassing to even get caught with a shot like that.

It just goes to show how flat and stuck he is. There’s no one that can mimic me. I have my spies in their camp so I see everything that goes on in that camp.

Aldo’s wife stated that despite the rib injury prior to UFC 189 UFC President Dana White still attempted to force Aldo to fight Conor McGregor at the event.