McGregor: ‘MMA is Dangerous, You want To Get In, Take Over and Get The F*** Out’

“I want to fight them all eventually. People think that I’m saying things, but I’m just replying. There’s been a lot of stuff (said) between Diego, Cub, (and) Cole. In due time I’ll whoop every single one of them; you best believe that.”

“This is the fight game we’re in. We’re not here to make friends with our competitors. Our dreams involve other people’s nightmares, unfortunately. You just have to accept that. If you’re not in this game to take over at all costs, then you shouldn’t be here. Unfortunately, the game we are in you have to step on a few toes or necks maybe. It is what it is, you just have to get on with.”

It’s a dangerous game we’re in, you don’t want to stick around too long. You want to get in, take over, own the game, and then get the fuck out.”

Taking some time with fans in London over the weekend, UFC featherweight Conor McGregor, took to the UFC fan Q&A to talk about multiple topics, including how his sees his UFC career.

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