Matt ‘The Immortal’ Brown on Jose Aldo: ‘he just f—ing deserves it’

By Russell Ess - December 25, 2015

Conor McGregor told Jose Aldo right after knocking him out at UFC 194 that he was a great champion, and they could have another go at it. Referee Big John McCarthy confirmed that McGregor told Aldo they could do it again if he wanted.

ufc 194

However, McGregor’s tune has changed as he has stated he is weighing his options on defending his title against Frankie Edgar or going to fight for the lightweight belt. UFC veteran Matt “The Immortal” Brown spoke on the latest Great MMA Debate podcast and is in favor of Jose Aldo getting the immediate rematch, even though he admits Frankie Edgar has earned his shot (transcribed by Fox Sports):

“I think Aldo should fight Conor. Yeah, I think so 110 percent,” UFC welterweight Matt Brown stated on the latest Great MMA Debate podcast when asked about who should draw McGregor next. “I think Aldo has done everything to deserve whatever he wants at this point in his career. That son of a b–ch has been a champion for however many years, undefeated for 10 years, he’s been an honorable soldier for the UFC. Maybe he’s not the most marketable guy so that’s the reason he’s not getting it, but he just f—ing deserves it.”

“Frankie deserves it, too,” Brown said. “I think he deserves it every bit as much as Aldo but when you’re even like that you’ve got to pick one guy ahead of the other and the ‘X’ factor in that is Aldo was ex-champion for so many years and he already beat Frankie so he should get the jump in front of Frankie.”

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