Mark Coleman Thanks Every Single Person Who Donated To His Go Fund ME

By BJPENN.COM News - October 15, 2015

MMA legend Mark Coleman explains his current state and thanks all the fans who donated to his GoFundMe account, helping with his health issues.

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“Thanks to everybody at the Go Fund Me page who helped, donated, and helped me get through this. I can’t thank you all personally, but hopefully you somehow get this message. Anybody, I don’t care if they gave a dollar or to what Mark Hunt did, he put $5000 in that Go Fund Me page. It’s awesome. I was good friends with him over in Japan, and what a nice guy. But everybody, even down to a dollar or two dollars, thank you very much. It meant a lot to me, I was emotionally overwhelmed.”

It was former UFC fighter Wes Sims who put out the call to action to aid the UFC Hall-of-famer with a much needed hip replacement surgery, that he could not afford.

The Go Fund Me page read as follows:

My name is Wes “A Whole Show” Sims. I am Mark Coleman’s best friend and student of the game.

First UFC Heavyweight Champion Hall of Famer and “The God Father of Ground and Pound” Mark “The Hammer” Coleman’s retirement from the sport he loved and gave us so many memories has not been very kind to him as of yet.  Mark had a hip replacement in 2013, and after surgery was named Wrestling Coach for Team Penn on Season 19 The Ultimate Fighter.  After filming and returning home his hip popped out several times and pain began on the other side. He has struggled and lived with the pain for well over a year and became sick a couple weeks ago. He was taken to the hospital where a doctor checked him out. He had to stay for four days on antibiotics. When released, he went to see the hip doctor again and scheduled to have surgery on March 9th, only to discover while open on operating table, he was full of infection and very close to being septic and lucky to have caught this! He is currently hospitalized with a plastic hip until full surgery can be perofrmed in April. Mark currently has no income. His insurance is about to expire, but we are currently looking into disability. I am looking to raise funds to help his cost of living, doctor bills, medication, and make up what he will lose in the next few months in appearances he will miss.  Anything will help nd thank you dearly! God Bless!
The funds raised are going to go to paying hospital bills, procedures, rehab, medicine, and any other medical needs Coleman may require. 



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