Machida: Weidman Can Stand With Belfort

Lyoto Machida knows what it takes to fight Chris Weidman. The former UFC light heavyweight champion went the distance with Weidman last month at UFC 175, where the fight took place mostly standing up.

Machida spoke with about Weidman’s upcoming fight against Vitor Belfort in December.

“Weidman is ready to fight anywhere. If he has to stand, he will. Vitor can obviously land a punch and end this, that’s what makes this sport so captivating, but I think he will be ready to fight him there.”

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“It’s a good fight for both. They both stand a chance. We can’t underestimate either of them. Weidman has evolved a lot, has a big heart. Vitor is super talented, also evolved a lot, and is an athlete that works hard. When you have such a close fight like that, when it’s hard to break down, it’s hard to predict a result.”

“I think Vitor has a better chance in the first round and the first half of the second round because of his characteristics. But after that, I think Weidman’s chances are better than Vitor’s.”

What do you think PENNation? Who wins this fight?

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