LOL! Another Reebok f*(k up! Who the heck is Anderson Aldo?!

By Russell Ess - December 1, 2015

Don’t get us wrong, a hybrid UFC fighter part Anderson Silva, part Jose Aldo would be the most exciting athlete the world has ever seen. But, we don’t live in fantasy land.

Reebok on the other hand may have been playing some “what if” scenarios in their design lab, unveiling their latest fail with an Anderson Aldo design t-shirt on their website.

The official description of the shirt before being taken off the website read:

“Anderson Silva channels the striking power of “The Spider,” and now you can channel his fighting style with a cotton crewneck tee that comes with serious fan cred.”

A famous man by the name of Homer once said, “D’oh!”

At least they got the name right in the description.

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