Lawyer: ‘NSAC lacks jurisdiction’ to discipline Wanderlei Silva for test dodging’

By BJPENN.COM News - August 21, 2014

In a motion to Nevada Debuty Attorney General Christopher Eccles, Ross Goodman, Wanderlei Silva’s legal representation, stated that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has no jurisdiction to discipline the UFC fighter for dodging a prior drug test.

The motion reads:

“It is abundantly clear that the NSAC lacks jurisdiction to take disciplinary action over Mr. Silva, a non-licensee, for not submitting to testing that the NSAC had no authority to order.

Mr. Silva is not an unarmed combatant because he did not compete in UFC 175.


The NSAC has never been vested with the authority to direct or order non-licensed persons to submit to a chemical test. Consequently, the NSAC lacks jurisdiction to seek disciplinary action against Mr. Silva, and any attempt to do so, clearly exceeds the NSAC’s limited statutory jurisdiction.”

Earlier today, Wanderlei Silva did not appear at, the UFC broadcasted, NSAC hearing, and instead plans on appealing the NSAC’s decision to even try and discipline him for his actions.

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