Kennedy Responds to Bisping’s ‘Homophobic’ comments

“I’m fortunate. One, he’s a really good fighter, he’s ranked above me, he’s a longtime UFC marquee perennial contender, and I don’t like him. It’s my dream come true. It’s a great fight, I couldn’t be more excited.”

“Ironically, just a couple of days ago my wife told me I should never ever dress up like a girl because I make a hideous woman. I never wanted to say this before … Michael Bisping might be right about something … that I should not dress up as a woman. Queer? Is that a negative … is he insulting me with that? I don’t know what that homophobic comment has to do with anything.”

“I am an owner of Ranger Up. So, Ranger Up are the ones that produced it, so absolutely. We produced the videos. As you know, the UFC expects us to promote our fights. Jorge was one of our athletes and we were helping him promote his fight — just like we’re doing with my fight right now. I legitimately don’t like Michael Bisping, so it’s easy to do, making videos making fun of him because I enjoy it. He’s a jerk.”

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Kennedy criticizes the character of his upcoming opponent, Michael Bisping.

The two UFC middleweights will face off on in a bout a week at the TUF Nations Finale.

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