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Keith Kizer Discusses Nick Diaz And His Failed Attempt To Cover Up Marijuana Use | UFC NEWS

“(That story) came from (Nick Diaz) drinking a lot of water afterwards,” said Kizer.

“Those water bottles were 8-ounce bottles, so 24 bottles is about a gallon-and-a-half if my math is right. I saw what he drank. And we know why. And you can play games about it if you want, but we know why.”

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Kizer also said he was open to communication with Diaz and his camp, and was waiting for a phone call.

“(Cesar Gracie) called me during the case and said, ‘Look, I want to sit with you. Nick and I want to sit down with you.’ I said, ‘Look, Cesar, you gotta call Ross Goodman. He’s the attorney. You gotta go through him.’ We’re happy to do that, we’ve offered it several times to Ross. (Cesar) said ‘I will call Ross right away.’

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“We never heard back from him after that. I don’t know what the conversation was between him and Ross, but we’ve always a good relationship. I expect to have a good one with Cesar in the future.

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