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Karo Parisyan: ‘Manny Gamburyan Helps Ronda With Female Needs’

UFC featherweight fighter, Manny Gamburyan has a great relationship with UFC bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey.

His cousin though, Bellator’s Karo Parisyan, paints an odd picture of their relationship, in what is likely to go down as a slightly controversial interview with MMAJunkie.com.

It’s obviously all for show, but why Karo? Why?

His words:

“Why is Ronda frickin good? Why is Ronda an animal, this little white girl? Because guys would not come train with us,” he said. “They didn’t want to come train with us, because they thought we were animals and we would hurt them. Ronda was this little white girl that would get on the mat and cry.

“I would have to yell at her and say, ‘You better suck your lip back in right now and get on the f-king mat. We’re not dealing with your crap, Ronda.’ And she would suck it in. I would say a small joke and maybe smile, and boom, she was on the mat again, and she was f-king dudes up. That’s why she’s so good, because she was training with animals like us. And she’s naturally strong. Ronda’s legit.

“That’s all good,” Parisyan said. “No animosity toward them. Good for Manny, good for Ronda, because Manny’s always there with her at the trainings and stuff, and Ronda might be on her period and she might take her underwear off and stuff, so Manny helps her out with that stuff, too, like with the tampons and everything else.”

He jokingly added, “I’m being a dick to them.”

No word from Ronda or Manny, but one could imagine that they’re likely just as disturbed as the rest of us.

Poor form Mr. Parisyan.

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