Jose Aldo Wants a Fighters Union

By BJPENN.COM News - October 10, 2015

“In the NFL, Nike makes the uniforms, but teams still pay their athletes, the same goes for NBA. Life gets hard for fighters who are just starting and earn no pay-per-view money. We spend a lot with trainers, sparring partners, etc. Nobody in this day and age goes to a gym to be punched in the face for free. Whether we like it or not, we are susceptible to injuries which could leave us sidelined for a long time. That harms the fighter who only gets paid when he fights. If you’re hurt, there’s no income. It’s good to have sponsors, because that’s what keeps a fighter going. Nobody has spoken to me about a union, but it would be great. It’s a way to protect athletes, it could really help. Nobody considered this. Fighters are too disunited because rivalries between gyms in the past. Of course this is not as strong as before, but it still happens. It’s like this, if I don’t fight for a price tomorrow, somebody else will accept that money.”

That’s what UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo had to say to Combate when talking about the idea of fighters earning a monthly salary and the  benefits of a fighters union.

Aldo has never been afraid of speaking his mind when it comes to fighter pay and unions. What do you think, should there be a union?

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