Jones Credits Psychological Edge To Greg Jackson’s “Tremendous Influence”

“Greg Jackson is more the guy that’s going to talk to you to make sure you have the right attitude going into the fight, make sure that you believe that you’re going to win, he’s more of an attitude guy, which is very important – to have a winning attitude.”

“Greg has been a tremendous influence on me. He’s been like a sports psychologist. He teaches me a lot of things about just being tough, the warrior spirit, pushing through and one of Greg’s favorite quotes is ‘Be comfortable being uncomfortable.'”

“If you watch the corner, Greg will say, ‘Jon, breathe, relax.’ Just his voice, you know? We do drills where he’ll get us extremely exhausted and he’ll give us a one minute break to calm ourselves down, and he’ll sit us down in the chair in the Octagon and he’ll just say breathe and relax, and when he says breathe and relax it just takes you back to the practice room and makes you forget that this guy’s waiting to kill you on the other side of the room, and it helps you calm yourself.”

In a recent interview with, Jon Jones, the UFC’s light-heavyweight champion, discussed the importance of Greg Jackson and the influence he’s had on the young champs career thus far.

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