Jon Jones Talks Gustafsson Rematch: Cormier Is More Deserving

Jon Jones joined America’s Pregame to talk about his upcoming fight with Alexander Gustafsson, his relationship with the UFC, and how he still feels Daniel Cormier is more deserving of a title shot.

Who’s more deserving? I would say Daniel Cormier has better accolades and the better record,” Jones said. “He’s undefeated, and he’s beaten former world champions before. He was a world champion in the Strikeforce organization, so I would say Cormier.

“But, I think the fans want to see me fight Alexander more, and I think that’s what’s most important.”

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After the UFC came out and said they were waiting on Bones to sign the contract for a rematch with Gustafsson, Jones caught quite a big of flak for ‘ducking’ The Mauler. However Jones and the UFC worked out their differences during a closed door meeting and the fight was on.

“I think we have a very healthy relationship,” he said. “I went to go meet with Dana White and (UFC CEO) Lorenzo Feritta a few days ago, and we had a three-hour meeting. We just sat and talked about our feelings for each other, and then we got down to business. I think we’re on a real clear playing field right now, with a clean slate, and we’re looking to build from here.”

During all the controversy with getting the Gustafsson rematch official, Jones posted a video to his Instagram that was directed at his haters, however he deleted the post pretty quick, but not before it had been downloaded and shared.

“All the greatest athletes, they have to deal with this adversity, and I’m embracing it and realizing that if I wasn’t working so hard and wasn’t in this position, no one would care, and no one would be talking,” he said. “I find a way to be grateful for the hate and try to show my appreciation for the positivity.”

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If you want to check out the full interview head on over here.

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