Jon Jones: Who cares if I’m fake? I win fights”

By BJPENN.COM News - December 30, 2014


“No one wants to be the bad guy, but a the same time, people tag me to be the bad guy, and I’ve learned to just let go. When I read my comments on Twitter and Instagram, I realize I really do inspire people, and people really appreciate who I am as a martial artist. And then when I look at some of the people who write me negative messages, it’s always so dumb. It’s so dumb. ‘Dude, you’re fake.’ I’ve been hearing I’m fake for so many years, it’s like, OK. Who cares if I’m fake? I win fights, and that’s what I’m here to do.”

“I’m not here to win you over with my personality; I’m here to fight. That’s ultimately my job. I look at the people who hate on me, and it’s never anything solid. It’s like, ‘Dude, you poke people in the eyes in your fight.’ OK, that’s an accident. Or, ‘Hey, you’re fake.’ Or, ‘You’re bigger than the other light heavyweights.’

“It’s just always real stupid stuff, so I’ve learned to kind of laugh at it, and I’m just waiting for the person who really hates me that gives me a legit answer or reason, and no one has ever given me anything solid, outside of calling me fake. I’m like, what are we, in high school? I’m a grown man. You’re calling me fake? You can’t call my work ethic fake, and the things I’ve achieved fake.

“I just find it funny. I’ve just learned to laugh at it and go with it. That’s the best thing you got on me; that’s not a bad thing. You sound like a girl calling me fake. So yeah, that’s that.”

During Monday’s UFC conference Call Jon Jones took a moment to discuss his thoughts on the constant hate he receives from a select group of Mixed Martial Arts fans.