Johny Hendricks Rushed To Emergency Room After Weight Cut Issue

By BJPENN.COM News - October 2, 2015

On Friday morning UFC president Dana White shocked a lot of people when he announced, via twitter, that the welterweight fight between Johny Hendricks and Tyron Woodley, scheduled for Saturday’s UFC 192, has been canceled. White provide no information other than it was due to a weight cut issue suffered by Hendricks.

That was a little confusing considering how well he’s looked leading into this fight, and how much he’s talked about finally getting his weight cut under control. However, according to new details from his manager, Ted Ehrhardt, via MMAFighting, we now know that it was a medical issue with him suffering a blockage in his intestine during his weight cut, as well as a kidney stone.

Hendricks was rushed to the emergency room and given an IV right away.

We’ll keep you updated with any new details.

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