Johny Hendricks’ Reaction To Wife’s Surprise Baby Announcement Is Priceless

By BJPENN.COM News - October 15, 2015

OK, so when I first started watching this video I had to laugh because it’s former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks looking at a menu and asking about food. I mean, come on. The guy’s weight issue is what everyone has been talking about and here he is getting ready to chow down on some burgers.

But anyway, after that, the video is pretty awesome as it shows Hendricks getting surprised with the news that he’s having a baby boy.

His wife, or whoever was at the table, were filming Hendricks while he read the menu and found a paper inside, giving him the big news. His reaction was pretty priceless, check it out!

Although Dana White said that he wants to see Hendricks move up to middleweight, the fighter has made it clear that he wants to try one more time to make welterweight.

His former dietitian, Mike Dolce went on record calling Hendrick’s weight cutting woe’s “laughable”. But hey, some guys just like to eat, and when you already have a belt sitting above your mantel who’s anyone to tell you otherwise?

Johny was recently forced out of his scheduled UFC 192 co-main event, opposite Tyron Woodley, when he suffered from medical issues stemming from severe dehydration. The former champ blamed a large diet of deer meet, and some resulting kidney stones, on why he wasn’t able to continue with his cut, but most people don’t approve of the excuse. He was hospitalized for the issues, however MMA fans don’t really care about that, after all, it wasn’t his first botched experience on the scales.

While we wait and see if Johny can tame the beast inside his belly, he at least gets the joy of raising a son in the near future.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks!