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Is Holly Holm ready to be a role model?

When Ronda Rousey was portrayed as a kid in the UFC 193 pre-hype video, Rousey was watching UFC hall of fame legend BJ Penn about to make history. When she was watching Penn’s historical fight, the thoughts in her head would be something like, “I’m going to be champ one day,” not “I can’t wait to be a role model.” Sometimes, it’s society pushing for it or it could be just part of the job.

But, if there is a role model in women’s MMA that could be a positive influence on young fighters or MMA fans in general, Brian Stann feels like Holm can take on the task. Stann gave his thoughts on Holm to MMA Fighting:

“Part of me feels guilty because I do think so highly of her, because I do have a relationship with her, but it makes it all the more special. I remember when I said on UFC Tonight, and I got made fun of a lot by some of the people there and even people online, but I said when they talked about her coming to the UFC, ‘If there is a woman I’ve met, I want my daughters to be like, it’s Holly’. I certainly felt – and I said this in my interviews and breakdowns – there is definitely a way she can win. And, if there is a person who could catch Ronda and defeat her if she’s not focused, it was Holly. She is absolutely every bit a role model you want, not just for women, but for any person. I truly mean that.”

There is no question that Stann, as a former team-member, has always been supportive of the champ. What are your thoughts on the champs role model meter?

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