Holly Holm Not Speaking Of Failed UFC Talks Until After Her Fight

Top MMA prospect and multi-time boxing champion, Holly Holm, was expected to have a smooth transition into the UFC.

However, after failed negotiations with the UFC brass, she’s on the outs. Dana White says a deal with her is far off and recently stated that the UFC has zero interest in entertaining her signing.

For Holm, while I’m sure she wants that UFC shot, she’s focused on a more important taste right now. Staying undefeated.

In a recent interview with the Albuquerque Journal, she put the MMA media on notice:

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“A lot of people are wanting interviews and things like that and the first thing I’m telling them is ‘Well, yeah, we can do an interview as long as it’s just about April 4.’ And none of them call me back, which is fine. I tell them if they want to talk about all that other stuff we can talk about it after April. There’s a lot of buzz about (the UFC story), but if I don’t win in April that kind of makes it a lot for nothing. It’s stressful, but I’m just trying to focus on the one ahead of me.”

Holm is currently undefeated with a 6-0 record and a pending matchup set for April 5, against, Juliana Werner.

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