Holloway Wants A Rematch Against McGregor

By BJPENN.COM News - August 28, 2014

Prior to tearing his ACL, Conor McGregor put on an impressive performance against Max Holloway, something ‘Blessed’ hasn’t forgot.

He spoke to MMAJunkie about his desire to climb the ranks and get a rematch against Conor McGregor.

“The McGregor fight, I got hurt in the first 30 seconds,” Holloway said. “He complains about hurting his knee at the end of the second round (but) I was hurt in the first 30 seconds of the fight. I sprained my ankle in the first round. I can’t take anything away from that – I learned that I can take a beating and stand with one of the guys that’s supposed to be scary. I took that guy to his first decision ever, and everybody talks about him like he’s this finishing machine.

“I’d love to fight him again. I’m not saying without the injury it would’ve changed the outcome of the fight, but the fight would’ve been way more interesting than it was.”

“I’ve been wanting Siver forever,” he said. “He’s the king of spinning back kicks in the UFC, I think. I’m coming up and a lot of guys, when they hear my name, a lot of them think of my spinning back kick. So let’s go in there and throw the spinning stuff at each other.”

“I really want to fight a proven striker in the UFC, but I want to fight any Top 15 guy, Top 10, whoever,” Holloway said. “I want to break at least Top 15 this year, and I wouldn’t mind getting on that Dec. 6 card. That’s my birthday weekend. Or the Jan. 3 card. But I’d like to fight on a card with one of my teammates, Louis Smolka. If we could get on the same card in Vegas, that would be great. I’m begging the UFC to give me a Vegas fight so I can just fly five and a half hours (from Hawaii).”

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