Hendo To Reevaluate Career With TRT Ban Now In Place

In all of Mixed Martial Arts, Dan Henderson, is the last fighter who will likely ever receive a Therapeutic Use Exepmtion for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

At least in Brazil.

The former Strikeforce and PRIDE FC champion, has been using the controversial therapy for years and as a result has been able to prolong his career well into his 40’s.

The former Olympian recently discussed the ban on TRT and the implications that ban has on his fighting career with FOX Sports.

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Here it is:

“I don’t know. I’m sure there’s a lot of guys who need [TRT] and a lot of guys who were on it that didn’t, but I have no idea. The biggest issue is that it didn’t solve any problems by taking it away. It doesn’t really address the real issue of tackling the problem of performance enhancing drugs.

“I think if they really wanted to make a statement they should have done more drug testing and implemented no advance notice in drug testing. Show up at guys’ houses at odd hours and make them give blood and pee in a cup.”

“I’m pretty much going to get this fight handled and worry about the changes later. I don’t need to make any decisions now. I’m going to have to do some research and see what’s out there.

“I’m sure my levels were low before I started taking [TRT] for years and I got by just fine. It’s just unfortunate that a doctor’s prescription for something that would make me healthier can’t be used in this situation. Like I said, the biggest issue is they need to do some better drug testing.”

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