GSP preparing to “make a splash soon”?

By bjpenndotcom - January 2, 2016

While there have been rumors for quite some time in regards to Georges St. Pierre potentially returning to the UFC, so far nothing is set in stone.

Georges St-PIerre

Famed boxing coach Freddie Roach revealed that St. Pierre would be going through a 6-week ‘test’ training camp to determine whether or not he was ready to sign to book a fight, however we’ve heard no updates on how that went.

GSP’s longtime head coach Firas Zahabi spoke to ESPN to reveal that he believes GSP will be returning sooner rather than later.

“(St-Pierre)’s getting his body in shape and we’re going to explore options in the near future. I think personally– these are not his words – there is more fight in him. I think Georges is going to make a splash soon.”

“The six-week camp is just to see what his body feels like. Dana White has said people don’t do things like that and it’s (expletive), but Georges does that. He will go through the pain of a six-week camp just to see where his body is. You don’t want to sign up for a fight and four weeks in, your body isn’t holding up.”

Only time will tell whether or not GSP actually returns to the Octagon.

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