Greg Jackson Breaks Down The Psychological Effect Of Beating People At Their Own Game

By BJPENN.COM News - May 1, 2013

“You always have to remember one of the dictums of our strategy is you don’t necessarily stay away from a guy’s strength. If you feel you can do better at it, you can head on attack it. If you take away what your opponent is good at, if that is no longer an option and your opponent hasn’t layered their game plan so there’s no real plan B, where do you go psychologically?

It’s always a good idea if you know your guy can outdo the other guy at their strength to charge right at that strength and basically just break them mentally. You want to make sure you’ve taken away their safety zone [and] you’ve taken away what they’re supposed to do. That can have a very, very powerful psychological effect on people.”

Famed MMA strategist, Greg Jackson, breaks down the strategy Jon Jones employed against Chael Sonnen last weekend in the UFC 159 main event against Chael Sonnen.

Jones went out, and beat Sonnen in his own game to quickly stop the fight in the first round of action.

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