Frankie Edgar: ‘For sure, I’m pissed’

By Russell Ess - January 5, 2016

Prior to UFC 194 talks of UFC President Dana White saying Frankie Edgar would be next in line for Conor McGregor if McGregor fights at featherweight again, Edgar is still sitting in the dark.

UFC lightweight champion The answer

The former lightweight champion appeared on the MMA Hour on Monday and spoke about where his mind is as he waits for his next fight (transcribed by MMA Fighting):

“For sure, I’m pissed,” he told Ariel Helwani. “I’ve been at it for a while now, I’ve been knocking on the door for this title shot for a while. It started with Cub [Swanson]. If Cub beat me he was promised a title shot. I beat him, I finished him in pretty dominating fashion and no, I’m not even considered for that title shot. I take it in stride. I do everything in stride, I really do think I’m a company man, but it’s not really panning out for me being that way.”

Edgar knows he is right on the edge of getting his title shot, but he ultimately does not make the decision.

“What am I going to do, scream and shout?” he said. “What can I do? Dana and Lorenzo, they know what I want man. People are like, ‘you need to call them.’ They f*cking know what I want. What, am I going to bother them? For what? For them to say no? So they can promise me something one day and say no the next? Come on.”

Edgar says the UFC knows exactly what he wants, a UFC featherweight title fight with champion Conor McGregor. However, “The Answer” isn’t so sure he will get his wish granted as another option for McGregor is to go up to lightweight and challenge for that title.

“Realistically, I’m setting myself up for that already,” he said. “I’m setting myself up for hope for the best, expect the worst. I’m expecting the worst.”

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