Firas Zahabi Comments On GSP Hand Wrap Controversy | UFC NEWS

“I was outside when Mike Ricci was fighting. So, right when I came in, I saw Jake Shields waiting at the door, so I said hello to him. I didn’t know what he was doing there, and when I walked into the room they were like ‘Hey, they’re not letting us, they’re interrupting the warm-up.’ I was more than happy to let them check the hand wraps, more than happy. But they told me they already did, Jake had already come in and checked the hand wraps, so I said, ‘You know what, not more than that, because it will never end.'”

“Then it will be checking his cup. Then it will be checking his shorts, then, what else? We’re warming up here, you don’t have infinite time to warm up. We’re going to go through a routine, it’s not going to be interrupted, the commission came in and said ‘Please do check it again.’ The referee came in and checked the gloves and I said ‘You know what, bring NASA, if someone from the NASA office is out there, bring them in and let them check, anybody who wants to check anything, you can have the hand wraps after the fight. You can have the gloves, send them to any laboratory. You want, bring VADA in here right after, before, during, whatever you want.’ But, I don’t want them to call the shots. I don’t want them to tell me when we’re warming up and when we’re not warming up, we’re not going to do that.”

While on this weeks “The MMA Hour” Team Tristar head coach and GSP trainer, Firas Zahabi, commented on the controversy surrounding GSP’s pre-fight hand wrap inspection.

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