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Felice Herrig Talks About Lack Of Privacy From Film Crew On TUF


TUF 20 contestant Felice Herrig is one of the more outgoing castmembers on the show. However, even she admitted that she was more self-conscious about her actions.

She spoke with MMAJunkie about the taping of the show, saying:

“They told us that they weren’t allowed to show any of that stuff, that they’re not allowed to show you changing or anything. You’re around cameras 24/7, and sometimes, you’re like like, ‘F it. Whatever.'”

“On ‘Fight Girls,’ the crew left after a certain time of night, so unless you were in certain areas with cameras, you weren’t going to be on camera. ‘Fight Girls’ was a little more laid back.

“They were just completely different experiences. For me, I wish I was a little more laid back on ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ But at that time, everything was so new (on ‘Fight Girls’). It was a new experience, and I was happy to be there. I wasn’t really stressed out, and on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ I was stressed because I was worried about things like them putting me taking my panties off on camera.

“I was trying to be on good behavior; apparently, that didn’t work out too well. But I was constantly in my mind thinking, ‘I hope that doesn’t look bad, or I hope I didn’t say that wrong.’ In ‘Fight Girls,’ I was just like whatever. I was me. On ‘TUF,’ I was me, but I thought about it more.”

“I was covered, but I wasn’t like, ‘Don’t look at me,’ I’m not a shy person. I’m not like, ‘I don’t want to take my panties off in front of you,’ but you can’t really help what they choose to air. You’re on 24/7, and that’s what they chose to air, for ratings I guess.”

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