Faber: ‘Mendes Had A Broken Foot Going Into McGregor Fight’

By BJPENN.COM News - October 14, 2015

Does anyone else think Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor need to fight again?

ufc interim featherweight championship title fight

The fight was exciting while it lasted sure, but you can’t argue the fact that Mendes went in there with hardly any preparation or time to get in fight shape. So what would it hurt? If McGregor loses to Aldo then have him fight Mendes again. If he wins than he’ll probably have to rematch Aldo, but whatever. All I’m saying is these two need to fight again at some time in the future.

In a recent interview on the Opie and Jim Norton Show, Urijah Faber said that not only did Mendes go in on two weeks notice, he also had a broken foot before the fight.

Check it out!

“[Mendes] trained for two weeks. He also broke his foot five days into that two weeks. Then he broke his thumb a minute and a half [into the fight]. It wasn’t a fair showing, but Conor is good. He’s real good. The stand up, especially. He’s big for the weight class. I think we saw his grappling isn’t the greatest, but he can take a beating.

“He’s got that big old melon head. He took a beating and he’s got that championship mentality. He’s a tough guy. His ground game, I saw some holes, for sure, but he’s deserving of what he’s got. That’s for sure.”

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