Dustin Poirier looking to put on a show and ‘get paid’ as contract with UFC counts down

By Russell Ess - December 31, 2015

UFC Lightweight Dustin Poirier is looking to put on a performance of a lifetime against Joe Duffy at UFC 195. With just two fights left on his contract with the UFC, Poirier spoke with MMA Junkie Radio on how he will be looking to build his resume for more pull in his contract negotiations coming up (transcribed by MMA Junkie):

“I signed a six-fight deal,” Poirier told MMAjunkie Radio. “This is going to be my fifth of six. I’ve been through a few contracts with Zuffa now. This is going to be my 16th fight with Zuffa. Previously, they keep me locked in and renegotiate when I have one fight left. So, that’ll be after this fight. We’ll see what happens.”

Regarding the actual contract negotiations, Poirier said it is a battle, but he has the help of his management team on his side.

“We go back and forth,” Poirier said. “You have to see what other guys are getting paid. The way it’s looking, man, people are getting paid. I’ve got to get paid, too.”

Poirier has a tough task ahead of him facing Joe Duffy. Who do you think takes the win in the match this Saturday? Give us your pick in the comments!