Dominick Cruz blasts TJ Dillashaw…again

By bjpenndotcom - January 7, 2016

If Dominick Cruz’s goal was to repeatedly talk trash to TJ Dillashaw to get into the champ’s head before their bantamweight title scrap next weekend, he’s likely succeeding.

Dominick Cruz

In a recent video interview with the pair, Cruz put Dillashaw on blast, repeatedly bashing the champion over the course of several minutes, leaving Dillashaw speechless.

Now, on UFC Tonight, Cruz kept the trash talk going.

“Talking is just talking. The fight is what really matters, but I’m just having fun keeping it real. I wasn’t talking trash. I was talking the truth. People are saying I’m talking trash. I wasn’t making anything up. I wasn’t saying anything foul to the guy. I was just telling him the way it is.”

“I just know he’s not that bright. He’s just not the smartest. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s kind of a meathead jock is what I learned from that exchange. He just wanted nothing to do with talking. Man, I don’t necessarily want to be here talking to your ugly face either, but I’m here so you might as well talk to me.

“But he wouldn’t do it. I don’t know what’s wrong with the guy. We’re here. He’s like, ‘I’m here to fight. I’m not here to talk.’ Man, we’re here to talk. That’s why we’re in front of this camera. Why else are we here? If we were here to fight we’d be in the cage already. What’s wrong with you? It blew my mind.”

Do you think all of this trash talk is going to play a role in the outcome of the fight? Let us know in the comments section below!