Diego Sanchez can’t ‘weight’ to move to 155: Another one bites the IV dust

By bjpenndotcom - January 6, 2016

Diego Sanchez is one of the few at his frame that moved up to middleweight and worked his way down to featherweight.  BJ Penn was another fighter that worked the heavier weight-classes fighting opponents much larger than himself.

With science and diet playing more of a factor with fighters cutting a dramatic amount of weight just to gain every advantage on fight night, the risks in the long run will not outweigh the short-term rewards.  Sure, many amateur wrestlers will tell you they’ve had successful weight cuts since they were eight, but kidneys through time weren’t designed to go through the vigorous cycle of a cut.

With that being said, enter the era of the IV ban.  First and foremost I’m 100% about fighter safety first.   The IV has been a great band-aid for fighters and will be subject to scrutiny  which we’ll get into later in the year when we see how it plays out.

Which fighters cutting the most weight do you think will move a in weight?