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DC Says No Finish In “Bones” Fight, Wants 25-Minutes Of Pain

“I’m not going to knock him out. He has to stay in there for 25 minutes and take his beating. He has to stay in there and take his beating, so I am not going to knock him out.”

“What I really want, honestly, because I’ve been doing this for a while now, almost five years, I’ve beat every guy going away so far, that I want to be tested. At some point in my career, I want to be tested. I hope Jon Jones can do that because no one has been able to test me and I would like to be tested in a fight and be in a real fight. I enjoyed watching him in the Gustafsson fight because it showed a lot about his heart and his determination and his will to be champion. I want a dogfight to be honest with you. I want to be bloodied and I want to be sore on Sunday. I’m tired of getting up on Sunday morning and traveling home carrying all of my luggage not feeling like I got into a fight. I want him to come into the cage and fight me. I have been waiting for so long for the man to be my equal for so long, please be that guy, Jon Jones.”

During the UFC’s Los Angeles media stop (Replay HERE), Daniel Cormier went on a short rant about his intentions going into his UFC 178 title fight against Jon Jones.

The two will now forever be linked to their viral pre-fight brawl in Las Vegas. (Replay HERE)

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