Dana White: ‘We’ve done everything wrong for 13 years, now we fixed it’

With the recent introduction of UFC Fight Pass, one cannot help but notice the increase in UFC events and content as of late, and it’s just the beginning.

We already have two shows scheduled for the same day in May, and a weekend double-header featuring events on Saturday and Sunday at the same venue.

The UFC is growing and if you aren’t continually plugged in, you’re going to miss out.

Part of this massive influx of UFC programming is the companies effort to expand globally. The UFC has a new model going into international markets and Fight Pass allows them to still cater to their bread and butter in the U.S.

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UFC front man, Dana White broke down the progress of their growth during a recent media scrum:

“We’re going into Europe, and we’re going into these other countries and we’re localizing these shows, putting them on free TV, and doing all these things. That’s how we built the market here (U.S.), that’s how we built the market in Brazil, Canada, and that’s how we will build the market in Europe. We’ve done everything the wrong way out there for the past 13 years, and now we got it right. Now we fixed it, and we got it right.”

“Now we’re going to localize it, and bring it in – you know, if you want to stay a fringe sport, go on at three o’clock in the morning or four o’clock in the morning on TV. That’s how you stay a fringe sport. You go on primetime in their local area on the big networks, and that’s how you build a business, and that’s what we’re doing there.”

“When people talk about too many fights, yeah, maybe there’s too many fights for the Americans – not in Europe, not in Australia, not in a lot of these other countries that are starving for it.”

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