Dana White To NFL: ‘You gotta stand by Suh Suspension’

By BJPENN.COM News - January 1, 2015

Dana White

Dana White

UFC President Dana White doesn’t agree with the NFL’s decision to retract Ndamukong Suh’s suspension in favor of a hefty fine.

Suh’s reputation precedes him though, and he’s widely considered the dirtiest player in the sport today, which is why White isn’t having it.

“Foot stomps are legal in the UFC, they’re absolutely legal. But, if he intentionally stepped on him… You know, everybody’s trying to protect their quarterback, especially this late in the season and that’s dirty. That’s about as dirty as it gets.

How do you retract (Suh’s suspension) after you suspend them? That’s a tough one. You know, once you lay the suspension down, you gotta stand by it.”