Dana Responds to Diaz Pay Rant: ‘Makes No F*ing sense. Get Back To Work Nate’

Earlier today we ran a statement from Nate Diaz about his UFC salary and other items of note.

If you missed that, it’s HERE.

Now we have, Dana White’s response to the matter and it doesn’t sound like Nate is getting released or a pay increase, both of which he requested.

Here it is: (via MMAFighting.com)

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“Nate Diaz came in and signed a new deal and was very happy with his new deal. We gave him a shot at the title and he lost to Benson Henderson. If he would have won, obviously his deal would have changed if he became champion, which he did not. Then he got stopped by Thomson. Thomson finished him.

“Now he comes off a win over Gray Maynard and feels like he should be making Justin Bieber money. Nate needs to get back in there and start fighting, win fights again and earn a title shot again.

“Guess how much money he makes sitting at home? Zero. Get back to work, Nate.

“He was happy as can be when he signed his new deal. Go back and look at my twitter after he signed the new deal. I tweeted it. He was happy. We’ve done everything to honor the contract. I’ve always been good to Diaz. This is the kind of craziness you see with athletes. They end up spinning off and don’t make the money they should have made. Nate Diaz has what it takes to be champion or he doesn’t, but I’ll tell you, there’s only one way to find out. He has to come back and fight. He thinks he loses to two of the best guys in the world and deserves more money? In what f*cking planet does that make sense?”

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