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Cormier’s On Knee Injuries That Have Plagued His Career

Daniel Cormier joined MMAJunkie radio to talk about his chronic knee injuries that lave plagued the former Olympian’s MMA career since the start.

“I don’t know the medical terms, but stuff builds up around it over time. That’s how you know the length of an injury.”

“(Prior to Jones vs. Gustafsson being rebooked), I would have asked for [a title shot] a little later because of my knee,” he said. “I would have wanted a month to rehab it a little more before I started a training camp, but now, that’s not an issue. I can do all the rehab I need.

“I’m not a guy who likes to do surgery; that’s not my thing. I’ve had enough of them; I broke my thumb, I broke my arm, I broke my hand. Not a real big surgery guy, because once you do a surgery, you’re committed to being off.

“What I’m going to do is really aggressive rehab and hope that it’s strong enough to avoid going under the knife.”

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