Cormier on Jones vs. Gustafsson: Jones Doesn’t Want To Go There Again

The triangle between lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones, #1 contender Alexander Gustafsson, and #2 ranked Daniel Cormier continues. This time with Daniel Cormier giving his take on why Jones is refusing to fight Alexander Gustafsson again. DC spoke to Yahoo Sports Kevin Iole to give his opinion on why Jones is holding out on signing the contract.

“He had to reach so deep into his soul to win that last fight. I truly believe he doesn’t want to fight Alex again,” said Cormier. “Alex took him somewhere he’d never been before and he doesn’t want to go there ever again.”

“Everybody was screaming for the rematch after that fight with Alex and he said no, that he wanted to fight Glover. Now, if he comes back and says essentially, ‘I don’t want this rematch,’ how do you think that’s going to come across? Once? OK. He said he wanted to fight Glover and everyone knows about Glover. But twice would be hard to understand. I honestly don’t think Jon is afraid, but Alex pushed him to a point in that fight where I don’t think he ever wants to go again.

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“So obviously, this might benefit me in the long run. And if Jon really believes that I would be the tougher fight, then he would be doing it for the right reason. But if he is saying he wants to fight me because he believes I’d be an easier guy? Man, I don’t know. That’s not good.”

“As the champion, it’s his obligation to fight the guy they say is the top challenger, and right now, that is Alexander Gustafsson. It’s been strange. At the end of the day, he’ll probably end up fighting Gustafsson again, but this isn’t something he’s volunteering for, I can tell you that.”

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