Cormier Coach: ‘We’re Planning For Dan Henderson’s H-Bomb’

“That’s what we’re planning for. Going against the H-bomb…. I would think that maybe you’d (Dan Henderson) want a little more time off. But you know what, maybe his thought process is, ‘I’m in shape now. I’m older, it’s harder to stay in shape. Why don’t I just take care of it now since I’m in shape?’ That’s what I would be thinking. If you watch [Henderson vs. Rashad Evans at UFC 161]… it could’ve gone either way, in my opinion. Yeah, Evans won that fight, but it could’ve gone either way,” Mendez explained. “When Daniel was fighting Evans (at UFC 170), a lot of people didn’t think Daniel was going to steamroll Evans. So here we got a guy (Henderson) that actually could’ve taken it from Evans when they just fought not too long ago. Outside of Vitor Belfort blowing him out, who’s blown him out? Machida was a split decision also. So for us to think that we’re going to blow him away, that’s pretty ridiculous. He’s very dangerous and very experienced, and we have to be cautious about that.”

In a recent Ariel Helwani interview, Javier Mendez, head trainer at the world-renowned American Kickboxing Academy, discussed the potential May 24 fight between Dan Henderson and Daniel Cormier.

That date is just short of a month away and the UFC has yet to announce the bout as official, but according to the AKA’s boss, that’s what they are planning for.

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