Conor “The Notorious” McGregor Bank Rolled Estimated at 1.3 Million Per Second!

By bjpenndotcom - December 14, 2015

While the majority of Conor McGregor’s paycheck depends mainly on PPV  buy rates (numbers that won’t be reported by UFC officials for several weeks), even the most modest PPV estimates for UFC 194 put the McGregor’s per-second earnings well ahead of the most generous estimates for Ronda Rousey’s record-setting win at UFC 190 against Bethe Correia.

In that bout, the former UFC women’s bantamweight champion needed just 34 seconds to defeat title challenger Correia. With Rousey getting a percentage share of the 900,000 PPV buys, in addition to $230,000 in fight and sponsor pay, her total earnings were reported as high as $5 million. Using that model, Rousey made almost $200,000 per second.


McGregor’s contract allows him a cut of the PPV, a reported $3-$5 for each purchase.

Going off the lowest figures in that equation, one million PPV buys with a $3 cut, McGregor would already be getting paid more than $230,000 per second. Add in his $580,000 combined fight and sponsor pay, and that number rises to over $275,000 per second ($3.5 million total). In case you’re curious, a more generous PPV scenario is McGregor  at a $5 PPV cut and 1.5 million PPV buys — would equate to nearly $622,000 per second ($8 million total in PPV) alone.

With all the estimates and possibilities with McGregor’s earnings from UFC 194,  “Mystic Mac” will no doubt crush Rousey’s UFC 190 and 193 numbers.  Until we see the final PPV stats, we can only “guesstimate” how much more that will be.




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