Conor McGregor Boasts: “I’m like Rocky and train like Clubber”

By bjpenndotcom - December 5, 2015

Only time stands in between the clash of two champions, Conor McGregor is set to face featherweight champ Jose “Scarface” Aldo in the main event at UFC 194 in Las Vegas NV. With all the pre fight hype in full force, McGregor gives his view on former champ Ronda Rousey’s UFC 193 loss.

Chael Sonnen Conor McGregor

“If I was going to take something away from Ronda is – maybe just push everything away,” he told mmajunkie “I can’t really see her situation. I don’t know her situation. From looking from where I was at, I could see that maybe she’d done a little too much on the media side. McGregor continued to say, That, coupled with a personal life that I know nothing about, could have hampered her training a little bit. Maybe could have hampered her mind. And then the particular style of opponent in Holly could have maybe combined into making her a little too emotionally invested.” McGregor said.
McGregor pointing out her overwhelming schedule of the former champ and a variety of uncontrollable variables that played a role in the stunning defeat. With all the chaos that surrounds a high profile fight, McGregor maintains his point on the aspects you can controll.

“It’s important to still the mind. Calm it. Make everything smaller than it is. That’s mainly what I would take from that.”
“She had a lot on her plate and it showed in the contest,” he said. “Holly came out of the dark – in the shadows – and that can help a person. Have you ever seen ‘Rocky 3?’ Rocky was doing ads and doing talk shows and doing this and doing that while Clubber Lang was coming up in the shadows, hungry. I felt maybe that was a reference to that fight.
“I’m like Rocky,” he said. “I have it all, I do it all. But then I’m still training like Clubber. I’m still putting in that Clubber Lang work. I’m still grinding and still hungry. I think I’m right in a nice little balance.”

Being a champion in the UFC and what we see is simply the tip of the iceberg.  It’s more than training, cutting weight, saunas and fights.  The UFC champs are ambassadors to MMA and hold a higher obligation to their division. When your at this level in the fight game so much is depended on your mental approach. What are your thoughts on McGregor’s comments?