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Chris Weidman Doesn’t Understand Why American’s Don’t Support Their Fighters

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Chris Weidman has taken note of the popularity of fighters from smaller countries, and how the people support them in masses.

To see an example of this we need not look further than UFC 178, where approximately 11% of all tickets sold were bought by people in Ireland, who flew to Las Vegas to see Conor McGregor fight.

Weidman spoke on The MMA Hour:

“I feel like smaller countries, other countries, they cheer, they support their people no matter what. “We need to get a little bit more supportive of our people.”

“For him to have so many more fans than Poirier, over here in America, I mean, Americans are cheering for him and then you have all these Irish guys coming over cheering for him too,” Weidman said. “So America is the one country that, they don’t cheer for their own. They won’t just stick with Americans. I feel like Americans need to get better with that.”

“I feel like, we’ve got so much going on, we’ve got so many people to support that, sometimes, we really are good at a lot of different things,. We have a lot of great stars and so many different things, some of the other countries don’t have that. So when they get somebody, they support them to the death. America, I kind of think we take it for granted sometimes.”

“I’ve fought all these top Brazilians. They’re all supporting their people, Anderson Silva, they’re supporting him. Lyoto Machida, they’re all supporting him. I didn’t have the full support of America. Not everyone American was rooting for me because I’m from America. If they were rooting for me, it’s because they were a fan of me. There was a lot of fans from America who were cheering for Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida.”

Do you agree with the champ?

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